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Position Title: Laborer

Position Purpose and Objectives

A laborer/apprentice is an entry-level employee responsible for working as part of a team to complete roofing and/or pre-engineered building work according to company core values and instruction

Department: Production

Department Supervisor: Production Manager

Direct Supervisor: Foreman

Employment Status: Status: Exempt (salaried) or Nonexempt (hourly) (Check one)

Specific Duties, Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the Job

  • Company Core Values
    • Begin to learn and understand company core values and begin to reflect the company core values in your approach to work
  • Work with crew to complete all aspects of jobs assigned by the company including but not limited to tear-off, repairs, installation and other jobs as assigned.
    • Be prepared to learn any and all aspects of jobs assigned by the foreman or lead man as necessary for job completion.
    • Be on time for all shifts and ready to go at the assigned time with all tools and PPE.
    • 8- to 12-hour shifts, weekdays and weekends, stay out of town overnight
  • Work safely
    • Assist in setup and tear down of safety equipment as instructed.
    • Understand and abide by all job-site and company safety requirements, including PPE, fall protection and others.
  • Participate in training
    • Participate in daily safety meetings.
    • Attend all companywide training events.
    • Participate in manufacturer system-specific training.
    • Participate in all other training as assigned.
  • Deliver excellent quality and customer satisfaction
    • Learn to perform work according to company standards.
    • Collaborate with the team for the benefit of all.
    • Occasionally communicate with customers and customer representatives in a manner fitting with company standards

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Work Skills – Laborers/apprentices must exhibit basic skills necessary to work in roofing and/or building tasks.

Roof & Building installation – the ability to learn necessary skills and execute them correctly

Attention to detail – the ability to pay attention to quality and safety with a goal of installing correctly and working safely, and a willingness to make improvements

Vision – takes pride in work

Language skills- ability to read, analyze and interpret work-related documents

  • Written instruction
  • Work-related documents

Safety and security – ability to observe safety and security procedures and use equipment and materials properly and effectively

Productivity – ability to work quickly and accurately to meet productivity standards

Communication – Ability to communicate clearly and frequently

Cost consciousness – ability to contribute to profits and revenues and conserve company resources

Relational Interaction– Laborers must be able to work effectively with people.

Leadership, Management and Teamwork – Laborers must be able to work well with others and within a company system

Leadership – able to exert informal leadership with individuals at all levels of a company as well as customers, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors

Teamwork – ability to work with others to accomplish goals; balances team and individual responsibilities; gives and welcomes feedback

  • Puts success of team above own interests
  • Works well in group problem solving situations
  • Shares expertise with others
  • Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views

Morale – contribute to overall team moral by bringing a positive attitude that is open to feedback

Education and Experience 


  • Ability to work 8- to 12-hour shifts, weekdays and weekends, stay out of town overnight
  • English speaking
  • Driver’s license with insurable record


  • CDL
  • OSHA 10-hour card/30-hour card

Necessary Tools

  • Appropriate clothing
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Cell phone

Physical Requirements

These physical demands are representative of the physical requirements necessary for an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of the job. Reasonable accommodation can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform the described essential functions. An additional physical requirement for this job is the ability to access and work at elevations.

Activity Never Intermittently Occasionally Frequently Constantly Activity Never Intermittently Occasionally Frequently Constantly
Bending x Lifting (lbs.)
Kneeling x 1-10 x
Twisting/turning x 11-20 x
Crouching x 21-50 x
Crawling x 51-75 x
Walking on a level surface x 76-100 x
Walking on an uneven surface x Carrying (lbs.)
Climbing stairs x 1-10 x
Climbing ladders x 11-20 x
Carrying ladders x 21-50
Reaching above x 51-75 x
Using arms x 76-100 x
Using wrists x Pushing
Handling/fingering x 1-10 x
* Grasping x 11-20 x
* Squeezing x 21-50 x
Vision Yes No 51-75 x
Close x 76-100 x
Distant x Pulling
Color x 1-10 x
Peripheral x 11-20 x
Depth x 21-50 x
Endurance 51-75 x
Repetitive Foot Motion x 76-100 x
Standing x Environment
Walking x Inside x
Sitting x Outside x
Keyboarding x Heat x
Tool Use Cold x
Hand tools x Dust x
Power x Noise x
Drivers x Drive
Forceful grip x Automatic x
Metal brake x Standard x
Forklift x