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At Momentum Builders, Inc., what we do is a function of who we are. With a culture of service and problem solving, we offer several construction services for building exteriors.


Re-roofing has been our core service since 1981. And no matter what key process or asset is housed inside your building, we have the experience and capacity to take on a re-roofing project geared towards helping you protect your investments. From metal to membrane, we’ve got you covered.

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Project Management

Over the last few decades of serving business owners and repairing older buildings, we’ve developed strong relationships with other trades and have been involved in managing projects that go beyond our in-house capabilities; such projects include masonry restoration, industrial painting, asbestos abatement, HVAC installation, and more.

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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Strong, customizable, cost effective, while serving a wide range of needs - that’s pre-engineered metal buildings, or PEMBs. We provide, service, design, and install a PEMBs that fulfill your project goals.

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Wall systems and roofing often go together as part of what’s called the “building envelop.” Basically, the goal is the same… keep the elements outside and keep the processes inside. Our expertise in solving roof leaks has translated naturally to our ability to solve complex waterproofing issues throughout the entire building envelop.

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Industrial buildings are systems designed to function as the sum of many parts: structure, HVAC, roofing, walls, electrical - the list goes on. And like any systems, buildings can benefit from upgrades that help enhance the form or function of the system. Some examples of past upgrades include gutter replacement, roof drain installations, siding replacement, HVAC unit curb flashing, etc.

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Repairs and Services

You know the cliche 'no job is too small?' Well, we believe that. We’ve dedicated a segment of our business to helping our customers maintain the watertightness of their building when re-roofing isn’t an immediate option. Using our time-tested method of water testing leaks, we can pinpoint the source of leak problems and work with you to create a solution that fits your need and your budget.

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